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DropBlox by ShoeBlox Sneaker Display Cases

DropBlox by ShoeBlox Sneaker Display Cases

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Your sneakers are art, and art is intended to be displayed. Turn your home into a museum. Give your prized collection of kicks the proper showcase it deserves with DropBlox by ShoeBlox.

Engineered using our proprietary high-grade, high-impact polymer, which delivers stunning 360º crystal-clear clarity and up to 7 times better shatter protection than acrylic sneaker cases.

Some of the best dust, liquid, and odor protection on the market.

Interlocking modular design ensures secure stacking and allows you to expand your collection with ease.

Quick-snap magnetically-locking drop side doors fasten securely while keeping your kicks readily accessible.

Fits up to a size 14 sneaker.

DropBlox by ShoeBlox display cases ensure that your grails will look incredible from any angle. Turn your house into a museum, and your sneaker collection into the art gallery it is meant to be.

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